Project meetings & workshops

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Major Meetings & Workshops

Meetings Past the Cavy Project (2015 and beyond)

Month-year Meetings & workshops Comments & observations
Jul 2016 International Cavy Symposium to take place (6-8 July 2016) in Yaounde, Cameroon announcement]
Feb 2015 Partnership workshop of the"African Initiative for Food Security" (27-28 Feb. 2015) at University of Dschang, Cameroon summary]

Meetings and Workshops d uring the Cavy Project (2011-2014) [| Harnessing husbandry of domestic cavy for alternative and rapid access to food and income in Cameroon and the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo] supported by the [| CSIRO-AusAID African Food Security Initiative]

Last update 22 June 2016