Research methods

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Research strategy, methodology and writing

  • A guide to organizing writeshops. International Institute of Rural Reconstruction and International Potato Center - Users' Perspective with Agricultural Research and Development.

> 2010, 61 pages. Related PAEPARD blog post: [[1]]

Research design and statistics

Tools for specific research questions

  • Feeds assessment tool (FEAST, developed by Duncan et al.) includes a focused PRA [[3]], manuals & templates free for download.

Participatory variety selection research

  • Quantitative Analysis of Data from Participatory Methods in Plant Breeding (by Bellon & Reeves, 2002); contents and individual chapters, particularly on Mother-Baby-Trials, available from:; full book available from:
  • Data management for participatory varietal selection (by Virk & Witcombe, 2002); available from: