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L'Université Evangélique en Afrique (UEA), Bukavu, DRC

UEA has been created in February 1991. Its faculties cover Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Economic Sciences, Medicine and Communal Health, and Protestant Theology.

Project scientists

Prof. Gustave Nachigera Mushagalusa (PhD), Rector UEA; Email: nachigera(at)yahoo.fr Gaston Amzati, Research Assistant and Lecturer UEA: Email: gastonamzati(at)yahoo.fr

Associated researchers:

  • Fabrice Muhimuzi Lwaboshi, Lecturer at UEA (Forages, seed increase, participatory research);

> Email: fabriceml(at)yahoo.fr

  • Caroline Imani Sibomana, Lecturer at UEA (Forages, participatory research);

> Email: carole.imani(at)gmail.com

  • Benjamin M.M. Wimba, Researcher at INERA (Coordination of innovation platforms);

> Email: wimbabenj(at)yahoo.fr

  • Thierry Kalimira Metre, MSc, Lecturer at UEA (Cavy husbandry, training);

> Email: thierrykam2002(at)yahoo.fr

Students at UEA

The project granted MSc scholarships to numerous students and additionally affiliated local students at undergraduate level. Detailed information is available under capacity building.

MSc scholarships

  • Pascaline Azenath Azine (Animal nutrition; University of Dschang, Cameroon);

> Email: cizaazine(at)yahoo.fr; pascalineciza(at)gmail.com

  • Rodrigue Ayagirwe (Animal genetics and breeding; University of Dschang, Dschang, Cameroon);

> Email: ayagirwerodrigue(at)yahoo.fr

  • Samy Bashizi Bacigale (Animal nutrition; Soikoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania);

> Email: bcgsamy(at)yahoo.fr

Affiliated local students

  • Pierrette Bisimwa (Socio-economy, value chain assessment); Email:
  • Ricky Biringanine (socio-economy, value chain assessment); Email: rickybir26(at)gmail.com
  • Pyame Mushagalusa Balemirwe (Agronomy, forage demo trials); Email: pyamemushagalusa(at)gmail.com
  • Valence Mutwedu Bwana (Agronomy, forage demo trials); Email: valence.bwana(at)yahoo.fr
  • Chris Chimwanga Mongane (Agriculture, animal populations); Email: chris.mongane(at)yahoo.fr